Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cookbook Review: The Lotus and The Artichoke

I love The Lotus and The Artichoke blog. When Justin P. Moore started his Kickstarter to fund a vegan cookbook, I supported it. 

I received the e-book cookbook and I pre-ordered for my mother the physical copy. We both agree it is a beautiful book. She is interested to make a few recipes. I already made a few of the recipes that appear in the cookbook. Every recipe I have tried has been good and some have made it into the Codex. 

There are only 1000 printed, softcover copies of the first edition. You can purchase a signed copy as of the writing of this blog (12/29/12). 

The book opens with a photo journal of the travels of Justin. The Table of Contents is organized by continent of food origin. The e-book has page links to the recipes in the contents, which is nice. We get a nice Introduction regarding the history of Justin's eating and cooking preferences, followed by setting up the kitchen. 

Each chapter begins with Justin's experiences in that continent's cuisine. 16 pages in, we get our first full page photograph of food and a recipe. Not every recipe has a photo, but darn near every recipe does. I look forward to trying a number of the recipes in this cookbook. 

The website highlights these features to the book: 
  • 216 pages of amazing recipes, photographs, tips & tricks
  • 100+ vegan recipes inspired by world travel and over 20 years of dedicated kitchen experiences and adventures
  • 80+ full-color photo pages of mouth-watering delights
  • Cool, custom artwork: Hand-carved blockprints & miniature paintings
  • Easy to follow layouts, description, and details on how to prepare delicious and stunningly beautiful meals
Overall, I suggest purchasing either the physical copy or the e-book. 

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