Monday, November 24, 2014

Breakfast: Toads in a Hole

The first time we made these was a number of years ago for our daughter and her friends when she had a sleep over for her birthday. This is a pretty easy and quick recipe that is more fun for people to eat than just eggs with a side of bread. Currently, our daughter gets this made for her every morning for breakfast. She'll even eat the crusts on the bread on these (which she doesn't do for sandwiches.)

1 Tbsp butter (more as needed)
Sliced Bread
Salt, Pepper, or other seasonings for the egg


  1. Cut 1.5 - 2 inch circle in the bread.
  2. Melt butter over medium/medium-high heat until hot (ie, crackling.)
  3. Put bread into the butter and begin to fry. After butter has soaked in the bottom side and is reasonably firm, flip bread.
  4. a.  If you want a scrambled type egg, crack egg into a bowl, and scramble. Add seasoning such as salt, pepper, or your preference. (Generally use 1 egg for 1 - 2 bread slices.) Pour scrambled egg into center of bread. If you are trying for perfection (or have multiple slices you are making), fill only the hole. If you have 1 slice and 1 egg, allow egg to pour over onto the bread. b. If want an egg with yolk, crack egg directly into center of bread. Again, if you a striving for perfection, get the yolk and just a little white into the center. If you want to use the entire egg, allow the white to spill over onto the bread.
  5. Once the lower side is cooked, the toast is brown and the egg is firm, flip the toast again to cook the other side of the egg and toast the bread.


  • You can fry up the centers of the toast in butter as well, or you can give it to the dogs (which is our dogs' preferred option.)

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