Wednesday, September 5, 2012

One Year!

Celebrating 1 year. 

 A year ago, I looked at all the food I was making and posting on facebook and all the comments I was getting. In the interest of posting recipes and sharing them efficiently, I opened this blog. My goal was to post 5 recipes a week. I've had some weeks where all five recipes were posted, but most weeks I have not. I have a few months where it's mostly desserts, and that's okay too. I've got recipes scheduled through the end of this September and I know I'll post more, albeit they will be sporadic.

As of 1 year, I have posted 99 recipes. These are all recipes that either were so good, they make it into our regular rotation of things we make or they were so special, we have to share them. I've had approximately 4000 pages views total. My post popular recipes were the Vanilla Extract and Sauteed Brussels Sprouts.

I have also decided to change up the look of the blog at a year. There are already posts scheduled through the end of October. We haven't covered every recipe in the home edition of the Recipe Codex, and we aren't done cooking over here, so there will definitely be more! Enjoy!

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