Thursday, October 13, 2011

Side dish: Vanilla Extract

Okay, vanilla extract is not a side-dish. I'll give you that. However, with the upcoming baking season and gift-giving season, this is a perfect recipe. I got it originally from a friend and we've been making our own vanilla extract for years. It is much better than the store-bought stuff. We have made it as gifts for family and had it re-requested when it ran out.
Homemade Vanilla Extract on Day 1 (left side of our label).

Homemade Vanilla Extract Day 1 (right side of label.)
Homemade Vanilla Extract after 1 month.

vanilla bean

  1. Place 1 vanilla bean / 8 ounces vodka in a glass container (plastic is okay, glass is better). 
  2. Allow 6-8 weeks to allow extraction before use. Leave vanilla bean in (can re-use vanilla beans a few times).
  3. Good for all uses for vanilla extract. May be lighter in color than store-bought vanilla extract.
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