Sunday, November 4, 2012

What's with all the vegan recipes?

I've been cooking since about middle school. My mother taught me how to cook. One of the things that brought Ryan and I together was our love of food and cooking. We made meals together, both having learned recipes from our families and learning new recipes.

We've had times of needing quick and easy recipes, cheap recipes, and as time went on, we learned more complicated, advanced recipes that required special tools and had more and possibly more expensive ingredients. 

In August, I became vegan. Hence, I went back through recipes and determined what was already on the blog that was vegan. There were a good number of recipes that qualified. And I've been learning new recipes and how to veganize recipes. I plan to go back and test some of the recipes, so vegan alternatives may show up in some of the old recipes.

This is a family blog. I'm the only one who is vegan at this time. So some recipes will appear that call for animal products. I'm hoping over time to reduce those recipes and since I do the primary blogging, there will certainly be more vegan recipes.

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