Monday, September 5, 2011

Another food blog?

Yes, I am aware there are tons upon tons of excellent food blogs out there. This blog is to help me with my digitization of my recipe box. In addition, I get asked for recipes often enough that sharing here may be easier for the friends and family who have seen me post food photos on my facebook and twitter accounts.

I will be going through the Roehrich Family Recipe Codex. In general, the format will be to have a photo of the food, a source of the original recipe, and the recipe itself (many of which we tweak). If I get more ambitious, I may do as more talented cooks do and photograph stages of cooking. Or, if I can convince the husband, I would like to do a video blog.

What I hope to do is post 5 recipes per week. By the weekend, one could theoretically have the skeleton of a full meal. Rest assured, every recipe has passed the Roehrich family taste testing. To get an idea of what it takes to pass our family's taste testing, read my yelp reviews of various restaurants at You can see how picky we are about burgers and what the adults think is delicious when the husband and I go out on lunch dates

To conclude, I will give the first rule about food I live by: Raisins ruin everything.

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