Sunday, September 11, 2011

Roehrich Tidbits

Who are the cooks in this family? This is the family recipe codex because we all cook. The youngest child mostly assists at this point, but the older child spent the summer learning how to cook by making dinner once per week for us.

What type of recipes will be found here? Our cooking preferences have changed over time.

  • Both parents have brought recipes from childhood. 
  • When the kids were little, quick and easy were the goal, so several quick and easy recipes will be posted. 
  • I have preferred to bake, finding baking to be more my forte for a long period of time (pretty much pre-2010). Baking is not only desserts, though, so some of the baked main dishes are from my earlier repertoire. 
  • The husband also likes to cook and make breads. 
  • Even with the above, who makes what is not categorized or straight-forward. 
  • As the children have grown, jobs have changed, and how we spend our time changes. We grew to trying things a little more complicated and time-consuming, so there are definitely some intermediate (possibly advanced) recipes here.
  • As our awareness of proper nutrition has expanded, we started using things like wheat flour in place of all-purpose flour. Some of our recipes reflect that change.
  • In recent months, I have been on a whole grains kick, which includes more than just whole wheat flour. In the upcoming months, more of these whole grain recipes will show up mixed in with the more standard recipes.
  • We also try to not eat meat at every dinner. Meatless Mondays was something we participated in years ago, and now we always have at least one dinner without meat. Included are some vegetarian recipes and some vegetarian-ready recipes were simply leaving out the meat will provide a meatless meal (the soups posted come to mind). 

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