Friday, September 9, 2011

Dessert: S'mores

To make up for last night's post (or non-post), I'm posting a photo-ful dessert. And because summer officially just ended, here's one last hurrah for a summer dessert. Yes, I know everybody already knows how to make s'mores. But, a part of the digitalization of my recipe box was to include recipes my kids could make and reference.
Ingredients - although we recommend the normal-size marshmallows 

Toast marshmallows - this is over a fire in a fire pit. 

A S'more - This is with the JumboMallow. This is an adult's hand. Granted, not the largest adult hand (mine), but that s'more does not fit well into the mouth. In addition, others have found that while the exterior toasts, the inside never gets cooked properly. 


1 graham cracker, broken into halves
1 Hershey's Milk Chocolate bars (1.55 oz) unwrapped and broken into halves
1-2 marshmallows


  1. Indoors S'Mores: Place 1 graham cracker half on a paper towel; top it with a Hershey's Milk Chocolate bar half and a marshmallow. Microwave at HIGH (100%) for 10 to 15 seconds or just enough until the marshmallow begins to puff. (Alternatively, roast over gas stove.) Immediately top it with a second graham cracker half; gently press together. Serve immediately. Repeat for each serving.
  2. Outdoors S'Mores: Place half of a Hershey's Milk Chocolate bar onto a graham cracker half. Carefully toast a marshmallow over a grill or campfire (supervise kids if they are doing this part of the recipe). After the marshmallow is toasted, place it on top of the chocolate bar half. Top it with the second graham cracker half and gently press it together. Serve immediately. Repeat for each serving. 
Other Details:

  • This is for 1 s'more. Yes, Hershey's is named specifically. I do try to use generic foods without brand endorsement. However, Hershey's work so well for s'mores. I'm not sure I've ever tried a different chocolate bar for s'mores. I appreciate comments with other suggested chocolate bars. 
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